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Jay & Traci Minor


The Simply Holy Collective is guided by Jay & Traci Minor who provide reflections, questions and conversations about our life with God in a weekly online format that can be used as needed and when it is helpful.

After 20 years in pastoral ministry in a large denominational structure, Jay & Traci Minor felt a gentle nudge from the Spirit toward a different way of doing church. The pandemic of 2020 accelerated that feeling into practical reality as they experimented with a small group structure united by a common commitment to a church identity that, by necessity, happened in a virtual environment. Feeling a strong leading from the Spirit, they resigned from their full time ministry roles and have committed themselves to being self-supporting so as to make room for God to create something new through the Simply Holy Collective.

Jay & Traci believe strongly that the love of God expressed through the life of Jesus and in the continuing work of the Spirit is the answer to the challenges of our world, and that love is worth pursuing, learning about, practicing, expressing, giving away and imitating.

Our Community

Officially launching in January of 2024, we are providing a space for those who are drawn to living out the Christian life with others in a smaller setting, but still desire connection and fellowship with others. Our monthly and annual gatherings provide opportunities for relationships and inspiration.


As the Collective grows, we will be posting the contact info for each group.


In the meantime, if you want to join with Jay & Traci's microchurch or get your group connected, reach out and get in touch!

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